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Larry and Cheryl Lonero have been raising Registered Texas Longhorn cattle since 1993 with their three daughters Sarah, Beth and Melanie.  Originally located in Friendswood, Texas ( south of Houston) the ranch was relocated to Brenham, Texas (between Houston and Austin) in 1997.  It is a family run operation with Sarah. Beth and Melanie involved in raising and showing cattle for the ranch.  They are members of  both the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (T.L.B.A.A.) and the International Texas Longhorn Association (I.T.L.A.) as well as many local chapters.  Larry Lonero has served as the President of the Houston Chapter of the I.T.L.A., as a Member of the Board of Directors of The I.T.L.A.,as a past Director of the Texas Longhorn Breeders of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the T.L.B.A.A. and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Houston Chapter of the I.T.L.A.

Our goal at the Bar L Cattle Company is to produce cattle that not only have exceptional horn, beautiful color and correct conformation but to produce cattle that have the ability to pass these genetics on to their offspring as well.  This creates value in the cattle and allows our customers to bring these genetics and this value into their herds.  Every one of our cows are gentle and easy to handle.  We won’t raise one that isn’t.


Our breeding program is built around our premier herd sire J.R. Seman, a record holding seven year old bull.  In 1999, the Texas Longhorn Journal recognized J.R. Seman as the second longest horned two year old bull in the breed in their Longest Horned Bulls issue (July, August 1999).  He was one of the few bulls to have 60” horns by 30 months of age. He now boasts over 66″” of horn at.  He is a son of the famous Gunman (now deceased) out of J.R. Sequential, one of the best producing cows the Longhorn industry has seen.  J.R. Seman’s pedigree is stacked with Bail Jumper, Senator, G-Man, and Colorado Cowboy.  This pedigree has given him the strong combination of explosive horn growth, strong muscling and body confirmation and beautiful, unique color.

We are proud of the fact that many of the leading breeding programs in the country have recognized the strengths of J.R. Seman and are using his genetics in their herds.  A number of the top cows in the business today have been artificially inseminated or flushed to J.R. Seman.

Our producing herd totals about fifty head.  We use a combination of bloodlines in our brood cow about_pic2herd with an emphasis on the Horn Producing bloodlines. By blending genetics or using a variety of bloodlines with our J.R. Seman. foundation we are able to bring in the favorable traits from these other families.       We feel that by crossing superior foundation cattle with our Premier Herd Sire, J.R. Seman, we have the ultimate combination of horn, color and correctness to produce the total package.

We have a commitment to quality with our herd and we promote that quality through advertising  and participating in sanctioned Longhorn shows. “ This is important to our customers as well because they know that the cattle they get from our ranch will be well known cattle and highly sought after by other breeders.  This, again, adds more value to our customers herds.”  reflects Larry Lonero.

“Most of my enjoyment comes from seeing the quality of the offspring when they are young.  You have a tangible result to grade your efforts in breeding and matching certain cattle and bloodlines together.” says Larry.  “There’s also a lot of satisfaction out of having other breeders use your cattle to improve their own herds.  And we always enjoy working with new breeders and helping them get their herds off to a good start.”  Cheryl adds.

“Whether you are looking for show cattle, or to add horn or color to your herd we feel that we have some of the best cattle available to do that.  Our bull, J.R. Seman, is producing some very impressive cattle.   I truly believe that he will become one the great herd sires in the 21st Century!”


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