Date of Photo: 6/4/2007 Courtesy of Larry Lonero

Photo at 26 Months

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VV Mojo Man

VV Outback MojoGF Elena
Date of Birth: 4/26/2005
Description: Mojo Man daughters have been easy to sell. He is a very complete bull and produces very consistent calves. His offspring have been heavy based, lateral horned cattle. Mojo Man missed first place in his class by 1/2 point at the Millineum Futurity. The Boomerang/G-Man cross certainly works here. His sire, Outback Mojo, is another one of the great Boomerang sons. His dam, GF Elena, is a super producer and has proven herself as one of the elite cows in our breed. We have had good success breeding him to our J.R. Seman daughters. He is very correct, muscular and colorful. He puts very big based, lateral horn growth in his calves. We are very pleased with this bull. 69" TTT. SOLD!