The Bar L Cattle Company in Brenham, Texas breeds the highest quality Texas Longhorn Bulls. We specialize in J.R. Bonanza, J.R. Seman genetics; the BEST of Gunman. Only the top 1% of our bull production are ever considered as Future Herd Sires. In other words, we cull HARD! Our Herd Sire prospects come from industry leading genetics and are selected to give our customers a Herd Sire that will add value to their breeding programs. Build on our 16 years of success!

Herd Sires

J.R. Bonanza
J.R. Bonanza
DOB: 3/25/2008
KC Just Respect x J.R. BOBBI

78 TTT" 5 years old.

TTT: 78.7500
on 10/07/2013
All Around Cowboy Chex
All Around Cowboy Chex
DOB: 8/1/2011

For Sale - $80000

Outstanding bull out of the heart of the Loomis breeding program

TTT: 67.5000
on 02/06/2014
Texas Wrangler
Texas Wrangler
DOB: 7/26/2012
J.R. Bonanza x Miss Texas Elena

For Sale - $5000

A J.R. Bonanza son with great dam side genetics. 61" TTT at 21 1/2 months!

TTT: 61.0000
on 05/10/2014
DOB: 4/16/2011
J.R. Bonanza x J.R. Prize

J.R. Bonanza Son. Over 59" @ 28 months. FOR SALE. $3,100

TTT: 59.2500
on 08/25/2013
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